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The main goal of SOJWA is  house building and objects building from wood-natural and ecologically clean material (Siberian larch, pine, cedar, fir tree).

We produce, deliver and build objects from glued bulk, cylindrical log, profiled bulk. We offer for sale carving wood (pine, fir tree, Siberian larch).

Wood has been a traditional building material for many centuries. The great part of the popularity of this material was due to the fact that wood is a natural material, adapted to the man’s environment. Wood is considered to be the ideal material for house building.

Wooden houses are in great demand all over the world. They combine modern technologies with century-old traditions. This type of house is quickly built. It’s ecologically clean, it doesn’t need additional decoration and it combines cheap material with high heat-insulating qualities. Natural beauty and architect’s  imagination enable to design modern houses from of this material. Originally wood looks aesthetic and doesn’t need additional multiple processing and decorating.

Building boom of the latest period led us to conclusion that economic, ecological and social factors become more essential and  and more people prefer dwelling houses built from wood. While constructing a wooden house you can realize not only the most spirited architectural ideas but you can create a very favourable ecological atmosphere. Building such a house you can realize in the best way your ambition of living in harmony with nature.

When building wooden houses we aim at the combination of cosiness, beauty and usability. You can put an order at our company not only for houses but for other constructions as well, such as camping houses, restaurants, outside kitchens, summer houses.

Philosophers make efforts to explain the meaning of beauty but we create it.


We are open for cooperation

We invite to cooperation all  concerned persons and companies. We’ll be glad to collaborate with dealers from different regions of Poland and Europe.

We are ready to offer:
- samples of manufacturing items;
- wide range of standard architectural projects;
- individual architectural projects for the most exquisite customers;
- Siberian materials on customer’s order;
- undertime of manufacturing;
- constant control of the goods quality ;
- circumspect logistics of delivery  ready-made items to any location in Europe.

You are welcome with you questions and offers at our e-mail sojwa@wp.pl

We’ll contact you immediately.